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Saturday, January 9, 2010

What about your Skills?

We are seeing the dollar fall and possibly no longer be the worldwide dominating currency. We can see by economic indicators, and history that we are heading into a time of mega inflation, and outragous taxes. There are things happening before our very eyes that have some speculating a revolution of sorts. Not just us "right wing nutjobs" either. I am seeing on mainstream media what we preppers have been preparing and thinking about for months now.

So that brings the question...What skills do you have?

Kellene Bishop on Preparedness Pro discussed this awhile back, and I have been working on my skills of self suffiency and living off my own land, but that is not enough! So I have been learning the art of spinning yarn, and the process of preparing sheared wool into something spinnable. Not only do I have animals that have nice wool to be sheared and spun, but would be able to barter that skill, for either pay or services.

Jobs are shrinking by the month, and the cap and trade and other job diminishing legislation is still pending to get passed, but they will. I am certain as the Healthcare nightmare is getting pushed through even though 67% of Americans do not want it. So even though elections this year may change the domination of democrats, they have created a system in Washington that allows them to pass as they please. It is scary to think about.

So the need for us to have skills that are sellable in a market of need vs. want is very important. What skills do you have, or think would be valuable in this kind of atmosphere?

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