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Monday, January 25, 2010

Going Native

So one day I'm thinking to myself and I picture myself in a bugout situation. I'm in a forest somewhere between my home here at the White Rooster Ranch in the Nevada desert and my retreat. What should have been a 12 hour drive has turned into several weeks because of circumstances that prevent me from getting from point A to point B. Maybe the roads are blocked by rural communities that have decided they don't want strangers passing through, maybe civil unrest has caused thousands to flee the cities and they are robbing and looting everything in sight. Whatever it is I'm stuck in the low mountains in a wilderness area, secluded but still close enough to the hungry hordes to cause some concern.
I could take a squirrel or bird with my pellet gun or sling shot, however if I fire a shot with one of my blasters the bad guys would know where I am. So the answer is a silent primitive weapon.
I decided sometime back to get a bow and some arrows and start learning to shoot. I chose a longbow. It's a self bow, in other words a stick bow with no shelf for the arrow cut into it.
My bow is 72 inches, 50 pound draw weight at 28 inches draw length. For the first 3 weeks I was sore as hell from drawing that bow. I'm 60 years old and a 50 pound pull is a lot on this old frame. I kept at it though. I started by shooting at least 25 arrows a day, every day even though the pain continued. I needed to learn this primitive skill to add to my bag of tricks to survive the coming collapse.
I'm now up to 100 arrows a day and I'm getting pretty darn good with that hunk of oak and those cedar arrows. I feel pretty assured I could take a deer or hog at 35 yards without making a sound except the bow string twang. Certainly the zombies camped two miles away wouldn't hear the silence of my arrow. So I'm feeling good.
I chose the longbow because it is most like a bush bow or stick bow one might fabricate in the wilderness. I was afraid to buy a compound bow because if I broke a cam or pulley and had no spare parts it would be worthless.
I might run out of ammo...but I can always make an arrow, and, a bow if need be.
All my painful practice might just save my life.

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