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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coming Full Circle

An excellent guest post from BrushFire

I will make a serious attempt to avoid politics and religion in this post. If some seeps through, please forgive me as it is difficult at this late date..(prepper wise)..to avoid my own thoughts on why this civilization is in dysfunctional gridlock and on the cusp of total failure.
I recently attended the 2010 Shot Show in Las Vegas. Immersed in the American firearms subculture, I had some insights that I presume were only fostered by my age and background,
I am a firearms instructor and as such I am familiar with all types of guns and gear,
I have trained with the best. I know folks that can present a handgun from the holster and deliver a deadly kill shot in 1/2 second. That is no exaggeration.
During my years as an instructor I have seen the best of the best. Handgun,rifle,shotgun,submachinegun and machine gun were the tools of our trade in our efforts to make better gun fighters of citizens, military and law enforcement.
For the past 12 years I have dedicated my life to preparation for the coming collapse of the world as we know it. A good part of that prep is firearms related due to my belief that some scum sucking moron will insist on stealing my last can of tuna when the stores close.
Now to the point. I've had a real change of heart about survival weaponry. Trust me, I've dwell-ed in the high speed/low drag tactical world of AR's and all the attachments..AK's and all the rest. There will always be those in the prep movement that will insist that guns and gear have to be expensive and "tactical" in nature. To that I say "bunk".
You would be far better off buying a few books on edible wild plants and forget about the laser.
So here is my thought, keep in mind this is the culmination of time and experience, forget the high tech gear and get a good old fashion revolver and a lever action rifle in the same caliber. Not that I needed any vindication on this concept but recently I spoke with a friend in another state that has a few ex Navy Seals as his circle of friends and to my surprise he informed me that his high speed/low drag buddies have thrown off the 40 caliber handguns..the mp5's and other notions of defense and survival weaponry and have come to the same conclusion. It seems the .357 6 inch revolver and Winchester lever action chambered in the same round have found favor among the former Seal gents.
I'm not going to dwell on this, and most of my instructor friends will assume I've lost my mind...(I sold my tricked out AR)....bought a .45 revolver and Winchester and with my .22 and shotgun, I'm calling it quits on the firearms hording and am now learning to make soap,
learning herbal medicine, making candles and a bunch of quiet past times to better prepare.
By the way, after attending the Shot Show and seeing all the latest gear for your guns, I fully expect that next year every AR will come with a ham radio, satellite dish and toilet seat warmer.

1 comment:

APN said...

Hey you can't go wrong with a good revolver. They are super easy to clean and won't ever jam on ya


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