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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

I'd like to broach a serious subject this evening. First let me admit I'm a dinosaur. I came from a time when we could leave our doors unlocked, leave our keys in the car, take our 22 rifles to school to be used for plinking on the way home. The place I come from no longer exists.
We are close to total collapse of the country we grew up with. What's to come is the great unknown.
I have political and religious beliefs that are deeply a part of me, it's a big part of what makes me.....ME. I'll drag this portion of me through what ever is to come.
Those of us that might survive the great culling will have a great responsibility, that is to rebuild a social order. This brings me to my point.
I have been asked by many to share a retreat situation. Because of my long efforts in survival preparation, knowledge and skill sets, I seem to be an attractive asset to many peoples notion
of a retreat partner or addition.
So far I have rejected all comers. Many who have asked are friends and I feel bad that I cannot become part of their clan in the face of certain days of sorrow. There is a good reason for my hesitation.
I have many firm beliefs about what has caused the destruction of my beloved country and I cannot compromise on those beliefs. If I survive the destruction and death about to befall us, I will be part of that chosen remnant that the burden of rebuilding will fall upon.
I cannot and will not retreat with anyone that adheres to morals and ethics that I feel are to blame for the fall of the American Nation. I won't for the sake of political correctness..(puke)..discuss those issues here but will urge you to think long and hard about what kind of folks that deserve to survive. Do you want to retreat with those that do not share your core beliefs?
I may end up alone...I may end up a cold blooded killer...I might make decisions on who deserves to live and who should perish. If that scares you then just try and imagine rebuilding a social order with those that have taken great steps to destroy what we knew as a beautiful nation...you know...we didn't have to lock our doors...we could leave the keys in our car....we could take our .22's to school....you know...America.
Make sure your retreat partners share your morals and ethics or they might just become your enemy.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good things to think about!

APN said...

Anonymous 8:37 PM I filtered your comment. It was both too generic and anonymous. We allow legitimate anonymous comments and we allow generic "great post" comments from our regular readers. But we've recently had a spam problem to deal with and are moderating our posts. spammers are tagging our posts with key phrases to trigger their spam bots. If your comment was legit, please accept my apologies


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