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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Become a Prepper?

By: Woodirae

There are several reasons why I decided to become a "Prepper". The most important is to help my family be prepared for whatever life throws at them. To have the ability to help other people achieve the same. When my Mother was asked what her daughter did she said matter of fact "She is a people person, she loves to help people." At that moment I knew I had to redirect my efforts to achieve exactly that. Up until that moment my "helping people" entailed me lending a hand, always wanting to help people in times of personal crisis.

It's true, I hated to see people hurting, in any kind of situation; physical, emotional, financial, usually resulting in too much help, too much advice, and possibly enabling that person to continue to make poor decisions. I just want to fix things, and make people happy. The end result is my frustration when I could not understand why they were not better prepared or allowed their situation to get to it's current status.

Facts are, my generation (Generation X) has had a pretty easy laid back life, living paycheck to paycheck and moving home when things got tough. We were not taught that credit was bad, in fact collages across the United States had an applications for a Visa or MasterCard when you applied for school. Very few of us were taught self discipline and even less taught preparation.

This is something I don't want my family to learn the hard way, I want them to have all the advantages in life they can. Isn't that what every parent wants, the best for their children? It is what my parents wanted for me, to be armed with knowledge to be able to help and think for myself. As I think back some of my family's most cherished moments, they were not moments of financial bliss or going from dramatic event to dramatic event. The opposite in fact, laughter and deep conversation doing things together; canning the gardens harvest, my mother and grandmother going to the laundromat, my father working two jobs to keep it together, my family worked together as a team to ensure that we all were well taken care of....no matter what.

So if I can help someone here, today with a sparkle of knowledge, then I have done something worthwhile. I want to share what I have learned, and researched about financial independence, food storage, uplifting books, preparing for the unthinkable. I want for you what I want for my family. Preparation and peace of mind.

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