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Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's Talk about First Aid Kits!!

So everyone should have a first aid kit of some sort in the car, but what about at home? Sure most people have some band aids and Neosporin but what else do we need?
This weekend I started my first aid kit, and found that I there are a few things I need to pick up. I am curious out there, what do you all find important to have in your kits? Please comment and let us know!

Here is what I have started with:

I purchased a fishing tackle box, works great for organizing all the little things!

2 Pair of latex gloves 50 Individually wrapped alcohol pads
1 Box of large assortment of Band-Aid 20 12 ply Gauze Pads
1 Drawing Salve 1 Bottle of New Skin
1 Tube Hydro cortisone Cream 1 Tube Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1 Digital Thermometer + covers A set of Tweezers, Medical Scissors
A File and Finger/Toenail Clippers 10 Oral Swabs
1 Bottle of Allergy Medication 1 Bottle of Saline & Allergy Eye Drops
A heat/cold pack 5 Steri-Strips
Aspirin/Baby Aprin Advil/Aleve/Tylenol LiquiGel Caps
2 Ace Bandages 1 Roll of Coban Wrap
1 Wrist/Knee Brace - ACE 1 Eye Wash Cup
5 Sterilized Needles 20 Finger cots
Betadine Wipes Mouth Moistener

Also on hand I have:

1 Hot Water Bottle 1 Box Masks (See Swine Flu Blog for link)
Aloe Vera Plant for Burns Heating Pad (given there is electricity)
Cane Extra Advil, Aspirin, and Tylenol
Rubbing Alcohol Witch Hazel
Hydrogen Peroxide Pepto Bismol
Epsom Salt Vaseline
Calimine Stool Softener (Change in Diet can cause issues)
Arithicare Pain Rub Immodium AD
Abosol and Oragel Demiform - Hypo Allergenic Knitted Tape
Dermaplast Pain Relieving Spray 12 Heavy Duty Masks

I still need to pick up... , Dentutemp, and I am sure I will think of more.

Most important to go in the First Aid Kit is instructions for CPR, and how to treat common ailments. When danger strikes you don't want to be searching for it!


tweell said...

Doc Russia had a very nice kit outlined:

I added an epipen, some Celox powder and a small LED light to my kit after reading his post.

Woodirae said...

Thank you for the input! :)


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