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Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to Stock Up!

So now I see that not only was my gut feeling right, but that regardless of the state of the Nation long term food storage should be something more families should have in place. Just like the emergency evacuation plan that families and schools have in place, this is something even more important. The ability to feed our families in times of strife. To have the tools for first aid and know how to use them.

Yesterday, I took the steps at long term storage, made some purchases that will ensure my families well being from The Ready Store, but I also found a site called Shelf Reliance which sells not only long term food storage, first aid, and the like, but the site includes tools to help you calculate what you need for any specified time and number of family members you have. You can pay as you go, and it estimates the cost per month. Each can includes not only the contents, but recipes and instructions for storage. They also have solutions for storage of these cans and normal canned goods as well. So I bought a few pouches to try it out. Very simple and user friendly, and wish I would have thought if that idea!! I will definitely let you know my opinion of the products when I receive them!

So how much long term food storage should a person have? Well financially three to six months of bills in your emergency fund is appropriate. So I would think the same of long term food storage to start with. I am able to go shopping I REALLY shop. So I could easily go three months without going to the store, other than for perishables. So this is just an extension of what I already have in place. Also just the beginning I am sure but we have so start somewhere!

So as quickly as one can blow money at a quick mart, fast food or the movies you can buy a can of food that will last 20 -30 years if it had to. A can a month and quickly your safety net will grow!

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