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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Looking for Nevada HAM Radio Operators!!

Do we have any HAM Radio users out here? This is an essential communication technique to use when all utilities are down, so if you have a HAM license or know someone who does who would like to be apart of this effort please visit the

West Virgina Prepper Network
and/or email so we can get to work on this. wvsantaclaus@aol.com

Ham radio nets are a very coordinated and organized effort, so what I am hoping for is to show Ham's that we can coordinate a message thru this forum. I believe it would show them that we are being serious about this subject. What I would like to see is all of the sites come together and post this on the same day. I know many of you update your sites more than once a day but it sure would be great to show we can get everyone on the same page for one day on this subject. If we all do nothing now to get this working it will surely not work once SHTF. That being said, what I am hoping for is to help set up a network of HAM'S to run a net over the air. This can be used to promote more people to join the effort's Tom and everyone else are putting in to make this network grow. We will reach a whole new audience over the air and some will surely come join us on the Internet while we still have it. In the future this net could be used to keep all of us in touch when the Internet is not a option. This could also be used for a very quick way to exchange information on bartering and many more things in the future. In HAM radio we have the ability to spread this world wide thru radio waves but it could take forever to get this going strong without getting more Ham's involved before going ON THE AIR with a net. Most ham's are set up for emergency power operation so this is a way to communicate even when the GRID is down, which today is becoming more of a reality every day as our utility grid ages.

From the Website of West Virgina


OK now I have done it in true DX fashion for all you HAM'S out there.
I know others that read this will be real confused now but I would really like to hear from you HAM'S out there so I figured I would write in a language you would understand. We need to get HAM'S involved here so we can try to get a net going to help with off the grid communication among the prepper networks. I know there are many Ham's already involved in the prepper network and many more that read so please come forward and help us with getting this going. Now that all the people that read this (that are not HAM'S) are confused let me add one more slang that only the HAM'S will understand.

73 de W4DMH

johnny ham operator Pictures, Images and Photos


QM said...

I am the daughter of a ham who wants to take classes in elko area but dad is in SC. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I just learn better in a classroom.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!


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