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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where do we start?

With all the events taking place in the world, with economy in the tank, with all the nonsense being pushed through Congress in the middle of the night, with our soldiers engaged in two wars 8000 miles away, with a Presidential press conference to watch every 30 days, with unemployment on the rise, with North Korea mouthing off...how can those of us who chose to prepare actually manage to keep our eye on the ball and prepare? The answer lies in a few simple steps.

First, we must turn off the television.  We all instinctively know to limit our children’s time in front of the tube.  Should we be held to a different standard?  Very little lasting good can actually come out of our time in front of the television.  Right now, time is a precious commodity.  How much more time do we have before (you fill in the blank)?  I’m not suggesting to completely unplug; we must keep abreast of what is happening and keep a keen eye for your individual ‘trigger’ that identifies to you that its time to GOOD.  Moderation is the key.

With all of our new found free time created by turning off the television, we can now concentrate our efforts on a building a viable and workable plan.  A proper plan must always begin with the end in mind.  We all have our own idea of what the future holds.  What does that reality look like to you?  Is it a nuclear catastrophe?  Is it a revolution?  Maybe its hyperinflation and civil unrest?  Whatever your reason for being on this website & reading this blog is, get that vision crystal clear in your mind.  Once its clear, consider what a day in that reality will look like.  How did you get there?  What skill set will you need?  What items will you need?  Will you need to be able to defend yourself?  Who will be with you?  Will your current shelter suffice?  Commit these thoughts to paper and build a comprehensive ‘to do’ list.  This list must be attacked with a sense ferociousness.

Lastly, prioritize and keep things in perspective.  The natural tendency will be to try and tackle it all at once.  That’s simply not possible.  Prioritize!  In your new reality, what skill(s), thing(s) will be most important to you? Protection?  Food?  Water?  Shelter?  I’d argue that not much else will matter if you aren’t right with your maker.  If you are so inclined to believe in a higher authority, it will be helpful to remember that nothing you are or will experience is happening without his prior approval.  If something is happening, it’s part of his plan.  Keeping that thought in mind, prioritize your list...and get to work.

Good luck.


preparednesspro said...

Absolutely, I am in complete agreeance. We've been talking about this a lot recently as well. It can absolutely get overwhelming unless you prioritize. I am of the school of thought that of all the different areas of preparedness, the most important are to prepare spiritually, mentally and physically. Because unlike food prep, you can't trade for a portion of someone's physical ability. Whatever level of preparedness you possess when an emergency happens, that’s what you're stuck with. http://bit.ly/dHCc

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