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Sunday, July 26, 2009

What are your thoughts on OBAMACARE?

I am curious what the readers think about Obamacare? Do you think it is anything to be concerned about, do you mind having more of your freedoms taken so the masses will have mediocre health care? Because to create savings we all have to give up the coverage we have now have a plan that will cover a LOT less and we the taxpayers will and pay a whole lot more.

Obamacare Pictures, Images and Photos

Here is a thought to ponder, I have had all four systems of medical coverage. Private insurance, self pay, Medicaid, and Medicare. I can say with unbiased certainty that I received the best care with private insurance that was paid by my employer. While in the Medicaid system the services while free, were often not given the same quality of care and definitely the respect previously received.

Private pay, you pay full boat for your services with no contractual adjustment and get dragged over the coals. Dont forget that you must make completely overzelous monthly payments or go to collection. So while Medicaid pays $473.00 for a $4000.00 procedure, the private pay person is expected to pay the full $4000.00. So on and so forth..

Now here is the quandary, if the purpose of nationalized health care to save the middle American money and cover more people, then why, when one is approved for disability does one have do wait 24 months for Medicare as mandated by the federal government. Don't you think a person that has disability does not acquire medical bills within a two year period? How is that different than a pre-existing condition clause?

Stated a little more clearly the point you are approved for Social Security for Disability, Nevada Medicaid will drop you, period. Then for 24 months the disabled person has NO INSURANCE... until Medicare starts and either you hinder your health care and do more harm OR go deeply into medical debt. If you are disabled, you understand how deep that hole can be. Even with Medicare what you are paid in Social Security goes to the remainder of medical bills. This is how the government system works... is that how you want your tax dollars to work for you?

Here is a link to the Heritage Foundation Post. They are a factual, informative group whose mission is to get the truth to the people and how the passage of these bills will effect YOU.. Read their post on this very subject by clicking HERE

P.S. You may wait in incredibly long lines for service so a copy of a medical manual, or EMT's handbook may be essential. Check my previous blog "Let's Talk about First Aid" for medical essentials.


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