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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spegetti Sauce Ala Thrive Products from Shelf Reliance

As you search for the best products to place in your food storage, it is best to give these things a try. Don't buy things you normally would not eat. That being said, Shelf Reliance has food options that others such as Mountain House did not have, such as whole eggs, cheese blend, butter powder, and tomato powder. So before I did a hefty investment I bought quite a few pouches of things to try. From Shelf Reliance and The Ready Store.

This one was a success! Thrive Tomato Powder, which I assumed could be made into a tomato paste for creamy soups and red sauces. To my delight it works perfectly, with no compromise in taste over store bought canned products. So with a few fresh things, and some hamburger meat I suceeded in making some darn good Spegetti Sauce. Yea!

My THRIVE Spaghetti Experiment:

2/3 Cup Thrive Tomato Powder
2 Cup Water .. or more depending on desired consistency
1 Diced Fresh Tomato
1 Grated Carrot
1 Small Can of Mushrooms
1 lb Hamburger
Dash of Garlic and Onion Powder

Add your preferred amount of desired spices

Simmer Sauce for 15 Min then add browned hamburger meat .. or meatless if you desire.

And Tada .. Better than Ragu.

I was impressed, next time I will use the carrots, mushrooms, and possibly some onion from THRIVE as well instead of fresh.

This will be added to my food storage recipe binder, and from them I have also tried the drink mix, and banana chips. Yummy. I think one of the appeals to me is the lack of preservatives and things I cannot pronounce, along with saving me money from going grocery shopping. I have not found a negative yet, but with my animals, and canning my gardens harvest I can feel better that my food supply is diversified and growing.

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