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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jamming! No Cook Freezer Jam

The lovely thing about Costco is their price on produce. Nowhere else here in Nevada can you beat the price of scrupulous heads of lettuce, large bunches of bananas, strawberries and more. Buying a huge lot and only using half still beats prices of other stores! Then for my small household what could I do with the leftovers to really get more for my money?

There are several options really; canning, dehydrating, flash freezing, OR my choice for today was making freezer jam! Now I have been accumulating things for canning all summer so I can put things away from my garden, but thus far the garden has seen better years.

What did I have in abundance today? Plums about half a box from Costco, and I had a package from Ball, No-Cook Freezer Jam Pectin, and 5 8 oz plastic freezer jars.

I cut up about 8 plums and put them in the food processor till they were a semi smooth texture, next I added the package and a cup and a half of sugar (i am sure Splenda would work too) and stirred it briskly for about two minutes, poured into the five jars screwed on the lids and Tada!
It really does not get easier than that.

Now I know if I have a lack of power I will have issues there but I plan on doing some serious canning when I have more fruit available but for now, this was just right.

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